Unlock ear phones will be possible in 2018

Unlock-ear-phonesUnlock ear phones will be possible in 2018.

In recent times all large companies are breaking their brains to get a release system that is 100% reliable. However, neither passwords nor fingerprint sensors, nor any kind of biometric data come close to that percentage. Until now. A company has just developed a technology to unlock the terminals with the ear, a step in the quest for total security.

Each person has a totally different ear. It is a sign of valid identification such as fingerprints but much less copyable. For this reason it is assumed that the hackers would have less chance to unlock a device where this technology was implemented.


The trick is to send a sound through the ear and the device hears the echo it produces. This response, which will be different in each person, would become a digital signal that would be the identifier for that user. Thus, the mobile could unlock only put in the ear, a perfect fit for smartphones, but equally less comfortable than the fingerprint gesture.

Available in 2018

Obviously, when we only call we could answer the call simply to get the phone in his ear. According to the company NEC, which is the one that has developed this technology, this system has an accuracy of 99%. In addition, it is perfect for mobile, not only because that is the only device we use it with the ear normally, but because they are already equipped with speakers and microphones series, so it would not be very complicated implementation.

In addition, the fact that a less hackable similar system that would put in a position to provide a safe banking system to transmit data and even to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

To all this we must add that NEC has shown that the process takes about a second, so it is also fast, like scanning systems fingerprint or iris.

However, we still have to wait a couple of years to see this technology in our terminals. NEC expects to begin marketing it in 2018, so until then supposed to further improve other systems already in place such as fingerprints.

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