The time Prince rocked the Super Bowl

The time Prince rocked the Super Bowl

Prince stole the show with his epic halftime set at Super Bowl XLI.

THE world lost one of the most iconic, groundbreaking artists in Prince on Thursday. The news of the 57-year-old’s passing sent shock waves throughout social media, as many publicly mourned the death of the talented superstar.

Prince, whose music spanned across nearly four decades, will be remembered as a legendary musician who broke barriers and was never afraid to push the envelope.

The sporting world reacts to Prince’s death below

One of the greatest examples of that occurred during his Super Bowl XLI halftime performance in 2007.

It was a performance unlike any other Super Bowl halftime show, as he grabbed the attention of more than 93 million TV viewers, and captivated his audience for the entire 12-minute set. To make things more poetic, Prince ended the show with an overwhelming rendition of his biggest hit, ‘Purple Rain,’ during a torrential downpour.

Prince had multiple connections to the sporting world, but he was best known for his Super Bowl XLI halftime performance in the rain. He was also a fixture at many NBA games over the years.

Here’s a look at some of the Prince tributes from the sports world:

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