Seven Tips for Writing Your First Resume

job-search-276893_960_720In the job-hunting process, personal resume and cover letter are the key and essential elements to  help you pass the first round. However, 90% of the job seekers lost the chance at this stage. What a pity! Thus, I’d like to share some advice on resume writing.

To write an effective resume, you should follow the seven important tips!

  1. Your resume should be about one or two pages in length, concise and comprehensive. The introduction of your personal identity should be about 1/6, and the other is related to your education, the group you participated in, your talents and achievements. The fixed resume format can be found both on books and the Internet.
  2. Please pay attention to the following points. First, don’t write your expected salary; Second, do not use too fancy fonts, colors or format; At last, don’t talk too much the less important achievements at school.
  3. Speaking with numbers(For example, the project you managed or participated in helped save 10% of the cost for company). Use less adjectives and adverbs (Only limited experience needs modifications of adjectives and adverbs).
  4. When writing your resume, use appropriate verbs. For example, if you want to be engaged in financial work, you might as well use words like “forecast”, “analysis”; if you want to do a marketing job, you can consider to use the word “promotion” and “acceleration”; if you want to do a job related technology, the words “development”, “invention” are proper. These verbs may make the HR workers who daily read hundreds of resumes pay attention to you.
  5. Don’t make any mistakes, no matter how small it is. If you make a typing error in the process of making a resume, the HR worker may think: “This man even makes mistakes on such an important thing, how can I let him do things?”
  6. Every word on your resume should be proved with examples, not bluffing or exaggerated. If there is any false content, your resume will be immediately thrown into the dustbin. If something looks very exaggerated, actually it is true, then you must make some notes or explanation, in order to avoid unnecessary suspicion.
  7. The resume should be based on each job you apply for. For example, to apply for government jobs, of course, you can highlight your organization experience. But if you want to be asoftware engineer, you need to show your experience and achievements. Also having the deep understanding about the company you want to apply for and adding these on your resume, is not only a kind of respect to the company, but also help you be better prepared for the interview questions that may occur.

In addition, I suggest that you write a passionate cover letter, fully describing your expertise and advantagesHealth Fitness Articles, and explaining why you are appropriate for the company.

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Hope I could help more people with my knowledge.

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