Paul Bunyan Statue and Birthplace – Bangor, Maine

Paul Bunyan Statue and Birthplace

    The Paul Bunyan Statue and Birthplace is a monument built as a tribute to the mythical lumberman, Paul Bunyan. It was considered as the largest Paul Bunyan stature in the world, standing 31 feet high and weighing 3,700 pounds.

The monument is built in fiberglass set over a metal frame and can withstand up to 110 mph of hurricane wind. The statue was actually a gift to Bangor for its 125th*anniversary in 1959. It was built by the Messmoo & Damon firm of New York with J. Normand Martin as its designer. According to legend, it was Paul Bunyan who created the Grand Canyon, the Puget Sound, and the Black Hills as he traveled across the United States with his blue ox, Babe.

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