OPINION: A Note from a Small Piece of the Web

By Carla Charter

We live in a rural area of our state. Our town does not have a stop light or grocery store. What it does have is a quiet natural beauty that is unrivaled. Even in the midst of the brutalist of New England Nor’easters you often awaken to a scene that looks like it should be framed in an art gallery somewhere.

This rural scene is often enhanced by the nearby wildlife that dots the artistry outside of our windows. Bear, Moose, Fox, Raccoon and Opossum have all frequented our yard on occasion with each encounter memorable. Many of which become woven into family stories told year after year.

The golden eagle story is one of these. I was unloading the children from the car one day in the driveway when all the chickadees and the nuthatches at the nearby feeder who had previously always ignored our comings and goings, flew off in one large panic. Thinking it odd, we all stopped for a moment to see if they would return.

Instead a golden eagle launched itself from higher in the tree, apparently discouraged that his free

lunch had flown away. We watched in awe as this magnificent creature spread its wings and soared off into the sky. Holding us in awe of the unexpected greater moment that we had all been graced with.

These moments in my mind are necessary We need these creatures to remind us of our roots, of our less than solitary place in this world and of our need for each other.  To remind us that there is more to life than wash, groceries and living a life. There is beauty, there are vistas, there are soaring eagles.

Which is why we need the Endangered Species Act to protect us all.  For every animal lost, means one more piece of our planet gone forever.  One more moment which will be taken from us, from our everyday life.  One less reminder of the interdependency of the world as a larger whole and our very small part in it.

Maybe Chief Seattle put it best after all. “Humankind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”