Older and Looking: Sox

Hi My name is Sox, I am a senior lady who loves her namesake team. You are probably wondering about my regal look. All I will say is four banners since 2004! And another one coming this season baby, I can feel it! And what better way to watch our favorite team then on a nice big comfy couch with a scratching post for me to use when the dreaded Yankees show up on the tube and I get a liittle worked up..

Let’s be clear here, those Sox games are a you and me thing. I am not interested in sharing my Baseball watching with other felines, canines, or children. Adults only thanks. I am said to have a lovely personality and only require brushing to keep my gorgeous fur under control. So, what about it? You me and watching the Sox at Fenway. Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.  For more information about me or my friends visit the Boston MSPCA website at www.mspca.org/adoption-centers/boston-adoption-center/

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