Older and Looking: Oatmeal and Raisin

Calling all super hero fans out there! You have heard of that dynamic duo Batman and Robin? Well now you have the opportunity of a life time to adopt your own dynamic duo, Oatmeal and Raisin. Okay so our names do not have quite the same ring to it. Our cuteness however makes up for it.

My name is Oatmeal, I’m the gray and white dog in the picture and I am a little more outgoing with other dogs like my comic book compatriot Robin. My buddy Raisin, the little brown dog in the picture    will tolerate other canines but will make it clear when she is unhappy about others being in her space. Yeah sort of like Batman. We are willing to live with other dogs our size, as well as adults and respectful teens.

The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society believes we found each other while we were strays on the street.  Once we found each other though, we quickly became devoted to one another. Wherever you find us you will find us together, curling up on a pillow or a couch or just following our favorite people around their bat cave.  We even have a discount fee of $365 for both of us, leaving you extra money to fuel up your Batmobile. Meanwhile we’re here waiting for our super heroes to rescue us.   For more information on us or our friends at the sanctuary you can visit us at