Older and Looking: Lucky

Okay all you Calico Cat adorers out there, its your Lucky day.  That’s because I, Lucky, need a home. Trust me you are looking for a gorgeous calico like me, the Queen of cat naps, to adorn your furniture.  By the way speaking of catnaps, my foster home has a heated cat bed, Oh yeah it’s the best. Trust me.

Along with adoring my naps, I love to snuggle on my terms. I am a calico I do everything on my terms. Paradoxically I am also a cat who likes her space at times. I am willing to work with you here and live with older dogs, older cats and teens and up providing they respect my space when I announce I need it.

Considering I am at least 13, (I was a stray so everyone is guessing) there are a few health issues you should be aware of. I am deaf and blind, but that does not hold me back. If I live in a consistent space, I learn to navigate pretty quickly. I am also hyper-thyroid, but I take medicine and that keeps it under control.

So anyway, what are you waiting for? Call the Conway Humane Society in Conway, New Hampshire and ask for Gina. I have been here since October and would really like my own couch to snooze on.  Now that you mention it, I do believe its time for another nap.



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