Older and Looking: Freya

By Carla Charter

Hello my name is Freya, you know the Norse Goddess of love and beauty. I am a nine-year-old princess who lives up to my name. Of course, this kind of beauty comes with upkeep and like any member of royalty I love a good pampering and brush session to keep up my good looks.

Besides the pampering my needs are simple. As you may be able to tell from my photo, I am a princess in search of her kingdom. Maybe you have a kingdom in search of an empty throne to fill. You should be aware, I am a sole ruler, I prefer to rule my kingdom and make all the royal decisions therein without having to consult with anyone else.

Currently I am a Cabin Fever Cat, who has been reigning at the North Iowa Humane Society for over a year. This princess  is ready for a promotion from a cabin to a castle, could it be yours? As an added bonus I am part of a royal deal with only a $50 adoption fee. You can find out my about me and my other Cabin Fever Cats at the Humane Society of North Iowa’s website: www.hsni.org.


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