Older and Looking: Cheerio

By Carla Charter

Are you looking for a project, with a lot of potential? Then you may have found it right here.  My name is Cheerio, and if you have a minute, I will sing you the song of my life. I am a hound, it’s what I do.

I am a seven year old Redbone mix. I am not a native Vermonter, I arrived here on a transport from North Carolina. The North County Animal League does not know much about my past and of course being a dog, I cannot help out much with that.

These amazing caretakers of mine have been able to deduce though, due to my personality and the way I behave, that I probably spent much of my previous life outside. Let’s be clear, I do not have behavior issues, it’s that when I am in a home, I am anxious and don’t seem to be able to relax.

Dog toys too are another thing I am trying to figure out. They are new and strange and I am not sure what to do with them. I have discovered cat toys though, anything with a wand and a string and I am all over it.

The marks on my body have clued these wonderful people into the fact that my previous interactions with humans may not have been the most pleasant and kind. Maybe you are the patient willing adopter that can change all that.

I have no health issues and no special dietary requirements either.  Remember though I am a hound so a fenced in yard and a leash for walks is a must. The shelter does not know my history with cats, other dogs or children but is recommending that if a family is considering adopting me, their children should be older. Also if a senior (65+) is interested, the shelter offers a discount on adoption.

So what do you say are you ready to introduce me to the good life? Then come visit me and all my friends at the North County Animal League, 16 Mountainview Rd., Morrisville, Vt. 05661