Older and Looking: Buster


My name is Buster. I am a distinguished  11-year-old gentleman looking for a retirement manor to spend my senior years in. My elderly owner was no longer able to care for me so I am here temporarily until a genteel owner in need of a high caliber canine with impeccable taste appears. My lineage, in case you are interested, cones from the finest of Shih Tzu-Yorkshire Terriers, I am sure of it.

My needs are simple, a proper lap to snooze in, daily exercise and a proper bed to suit my lifestyle. I will co-mingle with smaller canines only and I have even been known to spend time consorting with friendly felines. I am looking for one special person to share my good tastes and comfy abode with, could it be you?  You can learn more about me or the other fine quality of pets I reside with at the Oregon Hunmane Society website, www.oregonhumane.org