Where does Fenway fall? Ranked: These Are the Most (and Least) Expensive Stadiums for MLB Fans to Watch a Baseball Game

Personal finance website GOBankingRates identified Yankee Stadium and Safeco Field as the most expensive stadiums to watch an MLB game in America. (PRNewsfoto/GOBankingRates)

GOBankingRates determined the Major League Baseball stadiums that will cost fans the most and least based on average cheapest ticket prices, food, beverages and parking.

LOS ANGELESMarch 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With baseball season around the corner, personal finance website GOBankingRates identified the most and least expensive MLB stadiums to visit in America. The study revealed that Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, is the least expensive stadium to watch an MLB game, while visiting Yankee Stadium will cost fans the most.

To determine the rankings, GOBankingRates calculated the average cost to visit each stadium by taking the average of the three cheapest 2018 season ticket seat options and dividing that number by 81 home games. GOBankingRates then multiplied this number by two attendees and added the price of parking, food and beverages.

For more details on the methodology and to view the full rankings, please visit: Ranked: The Most (and Least) Expensive Stadiums for MLB Fans to Watch a Baseball Game

Top 3 Most Expensive MLB Stadiums

1. Cost to Attend Yankee Stadium: $95

  • Two tickets: $42
  • Two hot dogs: $6
  • Two beers: $12
  • Parking: $35

2. Cost to Attend Safeco Field: $92.83

  • Two tickets: $51.33
  • Two hot dogs: $9.50
  • Two beers: $12
  • Parking: $20

3. Cost to Attend Fenway Park: $91

  • Two tickets: $30
  • Two hot dogs: $10.50
  • Two beers: $15.50
  • Parking: $35

Top 3 Least Expensive MLB Stadiums

1. Cost to Attend Coors Field: $50

  • Two tickets: $20
  • Two hot dogs: $10
  • Two beers: $6
  • Parking: $14

2. Cost to Attend SunTrust Park: $51

  • Two tickets: $12
  • Two hot dogs: $13
  • Two beers: $10
  • Parking: $16

3. Cost to Attend Angel Stadium: $52.67

  • Two tickets: $24.67
  • Two hot dogs: $9
  • Two beers: $9
  • Parking: $10

Additional Insights

  • Safeco field, located in Seattle, has pricey tickets, yet many agree the atmosphere is worth the cost. Along with a retractable roof, the field also recycles 70 percent of all game-related waste and consumes significantly less energy compared to other parks.
  • Tickets to see the Atlanta Braves play at SunTrust Park are the cheapest tickets out of any MLB team.

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