Vermont Responds to Saturday Night Live Portrayal of the State as a ‘Caucasian Paradise’

By Carla Charter

The recent Saturday Night Live Skit where Vermont was portrayed as a ‘Caucasian Paradise’  has elicited a response from Michael Schirling, Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.  The cast, in response to the skit will also be receiving a gift from Vermont Flannel Company.

“The SNL cast was in great form on Saturday night. We couldn’t help but notice many of the cast was dressed in flannel, so we are taking the liberty of sending more of the best flannel available from the Vermont Flannel Company for use in future skits,” Schirling stated.
Addressing some of the lines from the skit directly, Schirling said, “It is true, we do lack a good hip-hop channel and our corn mazes are quite popular. We also do enjoy pancakes on the porch, but only if they are covered in real Vermont maple syrup.  We may be known for our covered bridges, country stores, farmers markets, quality of life and hometown feel.”

Schirling also touted many positive aspects of the state that were not mentioned in the skit. “Lesser known is that we are regularly ranked as a top state for startups, that one in four jobs in the state are technology jobs, and advanced manufacturing is our top industry.”
In disputing the SNL depiction of the state he replied, “We invite SNL viewers to Vermont to see all that we have to offer, including our increasingly diverse communities and wide array of tourist destinations including the African American Heritage Trail.  Now is a perfect time to visit or to consider a move here.  The leaves are changing and so is Vermont.”