Vending Machine For Books

By Carla Charter

BIDDEFORD, ME- Biddeford Primary School students have a new way to access books and literacy. Through a vending machine.

The idea for the Book Vending Machines came when Margaret Pitts, Principal at Biddeford Primary School saw an article about the, said Jeremy Ray, Superintendent of Schools, Biddeford and Dayton School Departments. “She worked with principals of other schools to bring them to Biddeford.  The Central office helped with grants and private donors to fund and purchase three machines for the elementary schools.   I would like to thank the Biddeford Educational Foundation and those who helped write grants to make this possible,” Ray continued.

The children will earn tokens through academic achievements and as behavioral awards which will then allow them to choose a book from the machine.  “It is another way to promote literacy with kids,” Ray said.

“The vending machines will have books in there all the time,” he said. Books that fill the vending machine will be paid for through donors and grants as well as through the school budget, adding that other books in the future could include excess books received by the schools after book fairs and gently used books donated by families as well.