SAP Beverages

By Carla Charter

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For those looking for a unique taste and healthier alternative to sugary beverages, they may not want to look any further than the Green Mountain State and SAP Beverages.

SAP!, was founded in Spring of 2015 by two Vermont cousins   Chas Smith and Nikita Salmon “We come from a large Vermont family. We have been making carbonated drinks in the family for a long time.”  said Smith.  The company currently produces three beverages. Maple Sap Seltzer, Maple Sap Soda and Sparkling Birch Water.

As for Sap beverages being healthier Smith said, “These days people are looking for healthier options. We are creating the next generation of beverages. They are good for you. They are completely pure and have a high nutrient base. “

“We are the first in Vermont to be tapping birch trees, although it has been happening in Europe for years.  We see an opportunity in Birch sap it is low sugar, low calorie and high in nutrients.” Smith continued. SAP sources all of its ingredients from Vermont and hires locally.

Last August the company received a message from Shark Tank, “we originally thought it was Spam,” he said. “We hadn’t applied, they called us. One producer had liked the product and seen it at an event.”  Although they were offered a deal on the show they did not take it. “We had decided if we were given the perfect deal we would take it but had decided this wasn’t the perfect deal. We are really confident in our product.”

Even though they didn’t make the deal they said being on the show gave them a lot of exposure. “There has been a lot of interest in the company from potential investors, bigger franchises, individuals and other companies.”

“In the future we want to continue to get our product into stores and educate consumers as to why our product is a good product. We are very focused on selling in New England, through natural food stores and independent grocery stores. We are now looking at larger chains in the area to make the product more accessible. We are a young company with a bright future, “Smith said.

Smith explained that the company has a virtuous business model. “The better we do the better others do and Vermont does better. The customer gets a better product. It is good for Vermont and good for the environment. There are more trees in the ground rather than being cut down.”

To learn more about SAP Beverages visit their website at Sap beverages can be purchased at the company website as well as at