Resolution 2019: Teach a class at Bethel University!

Do you have a skill or a passion you want to share? A business you want to highlight? A hobby that would interest others? Make your resolution to teach a course at Bethel University!

Bethel University is a month-long series of classes and meet-ups put on by the community, for the community. It takes place throughout March at various venues in and around Bethel, VT.
Last year we ran more than 50 classes in everything from auto maintenance to dream interpretation, sushi-rolling to pet first-aid, wine tasting to wilderness medicine. All taught by individuals who wanted to share with the community. Oh, and its free!

Course proposals are being accepted for another week. Classes begin on March 1st. Don’t delay! Start off 2019 by doing something new and exciting! Be a teacher at Bethel University. We can help you design your course, find the right date and provide teaching support, so… JUST DO IT.

Go to for more information. Click on “Teach a Course’ for details on how to submit your proposals.

Be a part of the region’s premiere community learning event.
* Bethel University is a program sponsored by the Bethel Revitalization