Ferdinand [Blu-ray]


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Ferdinand [Blu-ray]
Ferdinand is awesome, i cannot say enough about the meaning behind a life shown here, and what we view ourselves to be upon looks or upon what we’re born into and what’s expected. Ferdinand shows that we can choose to be much more than what life’s hand deals us. A wonderful depiction of the original story with stunning animation, and the many humorous scenes, not to mention the actors and actresses – Lupe, the hilarious calming goat! I’ve seen this twice in the theater with many classes of children and parents both times, and both times the entire audience was silent in one particular end scene- it was a moment where everyone seemed to have felt the same humanity- total silence..bullfighting is a cruelty with no purpose-this story has a happy ending- a bull who has no interest in fighting, one of many humble stories of greatness. We’re buying the film and will continue to recommend this heartfelt story of life and what’s most important in it.


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