Opinion:  Enjoying Some Holiday Time

By Carla Charter

We always have a puzzle in process in our living room.  Even now with my kids as adults, there is a draw to that table in the living room to see if they can fit a piece or two in while we catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives.

The puzzle is a time machine that quietly takes us all away from the technology of today into a world where the outside world does not come in. with its beeps and whirrs and downloads.  Instead to a place that many of us sadly have seem to forgotten.  A place of good conversations and a snack or two while our mind puzzles together how one piece connects with another while we also reconnect to one another.

I thought it was a special connection that we alone had discovered and enjoyed. A long-forgotten nostalgia that had found a special place in all of our hearts.  Then I interviewed the creators of the Penny Press board game, Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matthew Golac, who talked about their game nights and how relaxing it was to have some non-technological fun interacting with others.  I realized maybe there was something to this shutting off of the phones and enjoying time with others whether around a jigsaw puzzle or around a board game.

So, what better time than the holiday season to start a new year-round tradition. Take some time to build a puzzle, pull out a Parcheesi board and reconnect with those around you. Spend some time enjoying, really enjoying each other’s company. The phone calls and e-mails can wait. The memories can’t.