Older and Looking


Fenway Frank

Hospice Adoption

By Carla Charter

That’s right the name is Fenway Frank just like the hot dog and yes I am a 13 year old Dachsund Mix. Now that this bit of humor is out of the way lets get down to me and the fact that I am just the perfect pooch. I am good with respectful children, good with cats and other dogs and love hanging out with my human.

So, what do I need? a couch! A big comfy couch or a chair, a place where I can stretch out with you while we watch Netflix together. I like following my humans around the house and taking walks too but then yeah right back to the couch.

I am a hospice adoption so my adoption fee has been waived. I have Renal Disease, a heart murmur and a few removed masses that the vets are checking out but hey at 13 we all have our issues. I can guarantee there is one thing that will make me feel better. A Couch, a big soft comfy couch! Have I mentioned that before?

The nice people here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston suggest I might be a great fit for an older person, hopefully one with a big comfy couch. Yeah sorry I mentioned that a couple of times already. For more information about me or any of the other great animals available at the Animal Rescue League of Boston visit their website at www.arlboston.org