New England Mysteries: The Brandywine Slipper

By Carla Charter

CONCORD- A baby slipper which has appeared in Concord has created a historical mystery dating back to the Revolutionary War.

“I own a gallery in downtown Concord,” according to Bill Montague of Montague Gallery, “Next door there is a clothing store called French Lessons. On April 30 they came in with an envelope with a bootie and a card in it. The card said that the bootie had been made from the cloth of a Redcoat uniform from the Battle of Brandywine in 1777 in Pennsylvania. The card said that another piece of the uniform had been used to make a needle pouch, which was not in the envelope.”

Sheila First, a retail salesperson at French Lessons in Concord, said a customer had found the envelope on the ground outside of the store and brought it to her.  First believes it might have fallen out of someone’s pocket or been dropped by someone accidentally.

The Battle of Brandywine was a Revolutionary War battle which occurred on September 11, 1777, in Pennsylvania. The British won the battle forcing the Americans to retreat to Philadelphia. It was the longest single day battle of the Revolution lasting a total of 11 hours.

Sgt. Brian Goldman of the Concord Police department who are now in the possession of the bootie said “We are looking for any information as to where it came from, who it belongs to, authenticity or any other information.” Those who may have any information on the booty can contact Goldman at