Mascoma River Greenway Extension  Being Studied, Volunteer Trail Day Planned

By Carla Charter

LEBANON, N.H. – The Mascoma River Greenway (MRG), a 4 mile multi-use pathway starting in downtown Lebanon and extending to  West Lebanon, may soon  be extended to reach White River Junction in Vermont.  The pathway connects Lebanon’s neighborhoods with workplaces, schools, open spaces, shopping areas, restaurants, a medical center and transit stops, offering benefits for the community, transportation benefits and economic development and conservation benefits among others, according to the MRG website.

A team of Dartmouth engineering students is helping the city explore options for extending the Mascoma River Greenway (MRG) corridor in Lebanon to White River Junction, Vermont. Five students from the Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering are working on a six-month project with Friends of the Northern Rail Trail to model the final extension of the Mascoma River Greenway.

Their final project which will include a feasibility and safety report as well as a detailed map of the final MRG trail alignment from Glen Road to White River Junction. The group will present their project at the November 13th Lebanon Ped and Bike Advisory Committee meeting which is open to the public.

     “The trail is 4-miles long and we would like to add approximately another two miles,” according to Sarah A. a student involved in the project. “We hope the trail will increase community connectivity for people who bike, walk, cross country ski and rollerblade.  We are looking at several different options for the growth of the rail trail,” she continued. The trail would extend to the bridge into Vermont, connect the downtowns.”

She continued that the greenway  is a widely loved part of the community. “The different parts of Lebanon are like a string of pearls, the rail trail is the string that connects the pearls.

There will be an MRG  Volunteer Trail Day held on November 3, from 10 am-2 pm. A meet up will be at the Mascoma Street “MRG Parking Lot” across from Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, Alice Peck Day Drive, Lebanon, NH. Alice Heck Day Hospital parking Lot Presenting Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. March friends Rail trail city of Lebanon Greenway Coalition Rail trail. Dartmouth engineering students, City of Lebanon staff, and friends of the MRG and Northern Rail Trail will be in attendance. Doughnuts and coffee will be provided.

Those in attendance are asked to wear gear and shoes appropriate to the weather and tasks. Bring rakes and vegetation cutters, if you have any. Other equipment will be provided.  This event is sponsored by Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, Northern Rail Trail, Mascoma River Greenway, and the City of Lebanon. For more information, please call the Lebanon Planning and Development office at 603-448-1457 x1473.