Little Apple Circus in Haverhill, New Hampshire

Little Apple Circus Friday, Nov 16 9am show & 12:45pm show! Tickets: $5
Little Apple Circus introduces Newton’s fundamental Laws of Motion — the
foundation of Classical Mechanics — as well as the discoveries of Galileo
which preceded them. Concepts introduced and explored in this fun and
interactive experience include inertia, gravity, force, mass, energy,
static and kinetic friction, velocity, gyroscopic stability and centripetal
force. This feast of polysyllabic concepts will not leave even the most
restless young person bored or confused. The hands-on spectacle of circus
arts and comic acting will excite every participant to learn more about the
forces in our universe that affect “everything from the flight of juggling
balls to the movement of planets.”
Court Street Arts
75 Court Street, Haverhill, NH