Hospice Home Needed : Meet Penny

My name is Penny. I am a sweet, mellow 11 year old retriver looking to spend the remainder of my retirement, however long that may be, hanging on the couch, Netflix and Chilling with my favorite person.   I am described by my friends here at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire as a snuggle bug and a love muffin. I am so lovely that the people here have seen fit to replace my kennel with my own personal suite of the CEO, Vice President’s and Administrative Director’s offices.

As for my health, being older I have issues. It’s to be expected. I’m on a special diet, for my kidneys and need medications twice a day. I need to go out more often then most dogs, but am really good about it. Once I have done my business, its back inside to the couch so we can unpause your favorite movie.  Due to the extent of my needs I am considered a hospice adoption.  As for other animals in the home dogs with a low energy level and cats may be okay.

By the way, for those who cannot make the commitment to my care, I understand but can I ask that you mention to Santa that I would LOVE some squeaky toys for Christmas. They are my absolute favorite!

Here’s a link to my full description: