Hartford, Connecticut is Least Expensive Destination in New England, According to Survey

BOSTONAug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hartford, capital city of Connecticut, is the least expensive destination in New England for visitors over the summer, according to a survey conducted by BostonHotels.org.

The survey compared hotel rates for 30 popular destinations in New England during the month of August 2018. In each destination, prices for the cheapest available double room were established and compared. Only hotels located close to the city center or shore and rated at least 3 stars were included.

The survey found that, in Hartford, visitors will spend, on average, only $107 per night for the least expensive double room, making it the most affordable destination in New England.

Conversely, Martha’s Vineyard leads the rankings as the most expensive destination in the region, at an average rate of $362 per night.

Four other Connecticut cities ranked in the survey. New Haven and Mystic showed average rates of $174 and $164, respectively. Groton and Stamford, at $119 and $126 per night, were listed among some of the overall least expensive destinations.

The following table shows the five most expensive and five least expensive destinations in New England this summer. The prices shown reflect the average rate for each destination’s cheapest available double room for the time period spanning August 1–31, 2018.

1. Martha’s Vineyard (MA) $362
2. Kennebunkport (ME) $347
3. Chatham (MA) $324
4. Portland (ME) $294
5. Provincetown (MA) $284


26. Stamford (CT) $126
27. Lincoln (NH) $124
28. Groton (CT) $119
29. North Conway (NH) $117
30. Hartford (CT) $109


For the full rankings of the survey, visit http://www.bostonhotels.org/press/newengland2018.html