Former Continental Textile Mill Buildings on the Auction Block


By Carla Charter

LEWISTON, ME.-A textile mill with a history dating back to the 1800’s will soon be on the auction block in Lewiston.

The Continental Textile Mills buildings were once the biggest textile centers in the world.  “There were tree lined canals. “It was state of the art.  It could be compared to Apple and Google and the tech industry today,” said Stef Keenan of Keenan Auction.  More recently the building has housed shoe manufacturing as well.

The mill is 560,000 square feet and is 1 to 6 stories high, depending on the section of the mill.  “The building was built 170 years ago and it is just as solid now as it was back then,” Keenan continued.

As for possible future uses, Keenan advised, “There is the possibility of using it for residential housing, office and retail space. It is an empty canvass with a lot of potential uses for the property,” Keenan said.

The auction is Tuesday at 11 a.m. on-site. It is a reserve auction with the seller having the right to accept or reject any bid.  To attend the auction bidders must submit a deposit of $25,000. More information on the Continental Mills Building Auction can be found at