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Muddy Moose Marketing is a New England based Marketing & Public Relations Agency that specializes in small business success.Let us be your Digital Marketing Champion… We will help you succeed!

Our social media brands have well over 125,000 fans and over one million views per month! (See our metrics below)  We will work in conjunction with you to help you and your business succeed! We are truly partners with our clients.  We design custom advertising and marketing concepts for each client. Simply contact us to see find out what we can do for you within your budget.

Some of our social media metrics:
* All of New England (74,700+ fans)
* The New England Times (7,50+ fans)
* New England Foody (28,100+ fans)
* Day Trips in New England (3,840+ fans)
* All of Boston (1,700+ fans)
* New England Lighthouses (3,800+fans)
* All of New Hampshire (1,380+fans)
* All of Maine (5,300+ fans)
* New England Treats (4,200+ fans)
* New England Pet Pages (2,100+ fans)
* Wicked Funny Stuff (5,055 + fans)
* New England Sports Nation ( 3,500+ fans)

* All of New England .com has 100,000+ unique visitors per month
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