New England Preservation: The Old Tinmouth Creamery

By Carla Charter

TINMOUTH, VT.- A dairy creamery constructed before 1900 may soon serve a new purpose in the town. Once used to collect milk from local dairies, the buildings future may now include use as a community space.

The Creamery was built by John Mooney sometime before 1904 and closed in 1933. “The farmers brought milk to the creamery where a buttermilk test would be performed, the milk would be weighed, then combined with other farmers milk, re-canned and taken to Wallingford to catch the train to Boston,” according to Stanley Wilbur of the Tinmouth Historical and Genealogical Society.

“In 1930 there were 25 farms that brought milk to the creamery in wagons and old trucks in Tinmouth. Today there are three dairy milking farms today. Those three farms are producing more milk than the 25 farms were in the 1930’s,” he continued.

The creamery is in Tinmouth Village Historic District next to the general store which now serves as the town clerk’s office and library. “The Old Creamery building knits together what is already here.”

Volunteer renovations to this point have included rebuilding and stabilizing the foundation of the old creamery. Renovations which still need to be done reconditioning of the back and south wall, the de-leading of the interior and the repairing of the several holes in the ceiling.   “We would like to create a clean room on the first floor of the building. It might be used for cold storage and possibly be opened for arts and craft classes for senior citizens.”

It is estimated the renovations will cost $85,000.  Those who would like to make a donation for for the Creamery renovations can send donations, which will be tax exempt, to the Town of Tinmouth, Old Creamery Fund,  515 North End Rd., Tinmouth, Vermont 05773.

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