My Shorts: Brief Scenes from My Early Life; A Collection of Personal Essays

You don’t have to be Jewish to love My Shorts.But it doesn’t hurt!

What would you get if the Seinfeld, Reiner, Crystal, and Kagan families got together for dinner? You’d get fatter, guiltier, hoarser from trying to get a word in edgewise and suffer muscle cramps from laughing. When you get into My Shorts, you get all that and more.

An uproarious collection of true stories featuring a chubby Cheetos-loving Jewish middle child with overactive sweat glands and an abundant imagination. His tendency toward mischief and twisting the truth complicates grappling with issues of childhood, family, relationships, sexuality, and a hunger to be accepted. From lusting for a BB gun, accidentally setting the family shed on fire, to his “first time” . . . every one of Brian’s stories will make you giggle and feel the nostalgic joy of the messy, hilarious, and poignant journey we call life.

Written with a fresh and honest voice blending humor, Americana culture, and “it’s like I’m right there in the ’60s” scenes and vivid dialogue, My Shorts delivers life lessons that stick with you long after reading. Brian’s stories remind you that no matter what, never forget to laugh.

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