How you can stay home forever…

No one likes leaving the home. Things like shopping for groceries or going to the post office for stamps is things you just got to do. But with technology, there’s an easy way to get everything you need. Just pick up the smartphone and order online. Several groceries stores now make home deliveries. Giant for example lets you order on their website and select the best times to deliver. Walmart offers shipping for every type of purchase. Get video games, DVDs, groceries, and home essentials.

You don’t have to mail in bills anymore. With online bill pay, you can automatically set up your checking account to pay your bills. You won’t need stamps for envelops. Easily check your balance by visiting your banks website. If you want even more convenience, use the bank’s smartphone app. Most banks have apps that let you check balances, transfer funds, and even deposit checks with a smartphone. From the comfort of the couch, you can do all your banking and shopping.

Exercising can be done at home as well. Just start doing some pushups. If that’s all you know, then check YouTube for workout videos. Use a laptop to view a workout video easily. If you have a smart TV, you can watch it on the big screen. With casting apps, its easy to find stuff on a convenient device like a smartphone and play it on a large screen like a HDTV.


If you get lonely, you can chat online, either by text or video. There are high definition web cameras that will display your friends and online dates on-screen. Be prepared to show your face as well. There’s social media as well. Check Facebook and Instagram for all the latest postings.


If the digital interface isn’t enough, invite a few friends to come to your house. Schedule an event and invite everyone. If no one shows up, there are alternatives. There are lots of personal services that offer companions, strippers, and escorts. You can also place a personal ad on websites like Craigslist. In no time, you’ll have a date at your door.


After doing all this, you probably should check to see that you still have enough money to do it all over again. If your balance is getting low, try a few work-from-jobs. With a high speed internet connection, you are automatically qualified for lots of online jobs. Copywriting, data entry, web design, programming, and other types of home-based businesses can generate lots of income.


If you are smart and well-informed, you’ll probably be able to make enough from home, without having to get a real job. And don’t worry if you have to get a real job. A lot of companies let their employees work from home as well. You’ll never have to leave your home again.

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