Helmet Head Competition at Okemo

HELMET HAIR WINNER- Tenley Hassett, 2018 Helmet Head Winner at Okemo

By Carla Charter

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LUDLOW, VT.-Wearing helmets while participating in sports is always a smart idea. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 7,700 head injuries could be prevented every year if just skiers and snowboarders wore helmets.

As part of Safety Month, Okemo Mountain is celebrating the importance of wearing you helmet by holding its annual Helmet Head competition on January 26. Those participating can find a photo team at the base of Okemo and show off their matted mass of hair under their helmet to win two free lift tickets. Participants must be wearing a helmet to participate. “It is a fun competition,” said Bonnie MacPherson Communications manager at Okemo.

PHAT (Protect Your Head At All Times), has helped to increase helmet use among Vermont skiers and snowboarders to well above the national average, and raised the visibility of the issue throughout the U.S. A PHAT day will be held at Okemo on January 21st.

There has been a lot of research on the importance of wearing helmets. However both Okemo and PHAT agree, that while wearing helmets is essential , skiing responsibly is important as well. “The helmet will protect your head from falls but it can also give you a false sense of invincibility. The helmet is a smart safety move but it doesn’t make you invincible,” MacPherson said.

PHAT concurs and recommends that all skiers and snowboarders act as if they weren’t wearing a helmet. “Everyone should ride responsibly and in control at all times. Helmets may help prevent head injuries in the event of certain types of accidents, but if you’re out of control, they cannot protect you in high-speed, head-on accidents any more than motorcycle or other helmets can in other sports.”

Other Helmet wearing tips from PHAT include the following:

Helmets are made for single-impact ONLY! If you take a hard fall, replace it.

Replacement of helmets is recommended every 5 years.

Check your child’s helmet every year to be sure it fits appropriately.

Use a helmet designed specifically for your sport.

Buy a helmet that meets industry standards.

Never Buy a Used Helmet

Adults should serve as role models for children and wear helmets as well. 

Parents should establish a firm rule regarding helmet use

More information on Okemo’s Hat Head Competition can be found at https://www.okemo.com/event/helmet-head-contest/

More information on PHAT can be found at


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