Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Halloween is a fun holiday filled with costumes, candy and friends. For some pets, however, the day can be a scary event filled with unfamiliar noises, sights and people.

Follow these easy tips to ensure that your pets stay healthy, happy and relaxed this Halloween:

Keep Candy & Chocolate Out of Reach: Of particular concern are dark chocolate treats and candy with sweeteners like xylitol in them. To keep your pets safe, make sure that you place any trick-or-treat candy in a location where they cannot reach it. A high bookshelf or the top of the fridge works well.

Watch Out for Edible Decorations: When Halloween rolls around, many pet parents decorate the house with corn and pumpkins. If ingested, they may cause stomach upset so make sure they are out of reach or consider going easy on the decorating.

Be Cautious With Candles: Carved Jack ‘O Lanterns are a great way to celebrate Hallowe…

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