Four Places in the U.S. to Clown Around


People often have very distinct opinions when it comes to the subject of clowns. Whether the thought of them makes you smile or whether it creeps you out, the official term for that is Coulrophobia, below are four places around the country where you can get their clown on


Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy

20 Red Skelton Blvd.

Vincennes, IN. 47591

Fans of Red Skelton and his loveable hobo clown Freddie the Freeloader, might want to head to Vincennes Indiana, Skelton’s hometown where the Red Skelton Museum of Comedy celebrates Skelton’s life. The museum houses memorabilia from Skelton’s acting career including scrapbooks of photos, letters and costumes of his favorite characters including Freddie the Freeloader, Clem Kadiddlehopper, San Fernando Red, Sherriff Dead Eye, and Cauliflower McPugg. There is also a Freddie the Freeloader set where visitors can practice physical sight gags and a showcase theatre featuring highlights from his movie and television career.  More information about the Red Skelton Museum of Comedy can be found at


Klown Doll Museum

306 W. Park Avenue

Plainview, NE. 68769

In the 1950’s tourist minded residents of Plainview, Nebraska created the Plainview Klown Band in the hopes the band with it’s distinctive Oom Pah Pah sound and Clown clad band members would be good for the community.  An industrious Chamber of Commerce member, at one point, also decided to place several clown dolls in the chamber office. More were donated and soon the Klown Doll Museum began. The museum currently is home to 7,000 Clown dolls including the collection of Mattie Vanderpool, a professional clown, the Jeri Soens Collection who housed her collection in a room designed as a circus tent, adjacent to her grocery store, and those which are part of the Emmett Kelley clown collection. Clown Prints of Red Skelton Paintings also adorn the walls.  The town of Plainview also holds a Klown Festival every year.   More information about the Klown Doll Museum can be found at


American Clown Museum and School

109 West Interlake

Lake Placid, FL.

The American Clown Museum and School, founded by Keith Toby Stokes AKA Toby the Clown has museum walls covered with Clown prints, photos and oils of clowns, including paintings by Red Skelton, as well as Circus posters from the likes of Ringling Brothers Circus, with even the ceiling having clown caricatures of donors. The museum also houses a miniature circus with clowns, guests, and many circus scenes. Also on display are clown costumes, clown figurines and clown dolls.  More information can be found at




Clown Motel

521 N. Main St.

Tonopah, NV. 89049

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada has been named America’s Scariest Hotel due to its abundance of clowns and its proximity to the Old Tonopah cemetery, Owner Bob Perchetti says the motel only has Happy Clowns. The clown collection here currently numbers over 600 as people send the motel clowns from all over the world.  Also offered are Walking Tour Brochures of the nearby Tonopah cemetery. More information on he Clown Motel can be found at



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