Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cake Recipe

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cake RecipeEasy Strawberry Shortcake Cake Recipe

* Total Time : 55 Minutes
* Preparation : 15 Minutes
* Cook : 40 Minutes
* Difficulty : Easy


Ingredients are very simple for this shortcake recipe. You just need to get the following things in order to make complete strawberry shortcake at home.

  • Non-stick Vegetable spray  (use for coating the pans).
  • One and Half  (1 1/2) Cups Cake Flour.
  • One and Half (1 1/2) Teaspoons Baking Powder.
  • Half (1/2) teaspoon salt.
  • Third-forth Part (3/4) Cup Milk.
  • Three (3) Tablespoons Unsalted Butter.
  • One (1) Tablespoon Vanilla Extract.
  • One (1) Teaspoon Lemon Extract.
  • Three (3) Large Eggs.
  • One and Quarter (1 1/4) Cups Sugar.
  • Two (2) Pints Fresh Strawberries.
  • One (1) Recipe Whipped Cream Frosting.

Whipped Cream Frosting:

  • One (1) Teaspoon Gelatin.
  • Two (2) Cups Heavy Cream.
  • Half (1/2 ) Cup Confectioners’ Sugar.
  • Two (2) Teaspoons Vanilla Extract.


You must follow the following steps to get the best taste at home.

Step 1:

Preheat the Oven to 350 degrees (with a rack within the middle of the oven). Lightly coat Two 9-inch cake pans using nonstick vegetable spray. Line the bottoms with a circle of baking paper parchment.

Step 2:

Take a large bowl, filter the flour, salt and baking powder together (three Times). Take a small saucepan, and boil the butter and milk in it. Remove the Saucepan from the heat, add the lemon extracts and Vanilla. Beat the sugar and eggs in small mixing bowl, mix it till it get double in volume, pale yellow, and fluffy . Drizzle in the hot milk mixture, while still beating. Fold it in the flour mixture. Spread the butter in the pans and bake it for 15 min (Until its change into golden color), when lightly pressed the center springs back, and a cake tester comes out clean. Cool pans using rack. Use the top of a knife around the edges and side of the cakes to loosen them, and remove it from pan slowly and carefully .

Step 3:

Whip cream frosting. Take a medium bowl and mix together the gelatin and quarter (1/4) cup of the cream. Rest for 5 min to soften, then put the bowl over barely simmering water til the gelatin has fully dissolved. Remove the bowl from the heat, cool it. At the Same time, take a mixing bowl, whip the cream until it get slightly thickened. Add the vanilla and confectioners’ sugar and whip  cream frequently. Fold half (1/2) cup of the whipped cream into the gelatin mixture, then fold in the rest.

Step 4:

Wash the strawberries and dry them. Take out the 12 best and sliced the rest strawberries. Lay the  berries(Sliced one) over first (1st) cake, then spread whipped cream on top (Half (1/2)-inch layer). Place the second (2nd) cake over the first (1st) .Frost the entire cake by using remaining whipped cream. Put the 12 best berries on the top of the cake.

If you follow all the steps, then you will have tasty Strawberry Shortcake. As you can see, the Strawberry Shortcake Cake Recipe is very simple to follow and ingredients are also Short as compare to other Cakes. So this recipe will not take more then 1 hours. Hope you have enjoyed this amazing recipe and do check our Shakes and Juice Recipes section for cool and sweet drinks.