Discovering Croatia: What Not to Miss

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When one is planning to visit Europe, one would hardly think of slating Croatia in their trip. Croatia would not be so much of a ping on the radars of travelers when it is flanked by tourist favorites such as Italy, Germany and Greece. Though relatively nondescript considered next to these juggernauts, Croatia has a certain charm to it that would make seasoned travelers flock to it. It may not be as popular as the other countries, but it is certainly one of the best holiday destinations. The country packs a very diverse opportunity for a lot of various attractions and as a traveler, it would give you that wholly different experience.  If you have billeted Croatia as your next travel destination, here are seven of the things and places you should never miss:


1.)  Walking the Dalmatian Coast

For health enthusiasts and fitness buffs who are looking for a little spin to their usual morning exercise routine, walking or jogging along the Dalmatian Coast while on holiday in Croatia is the perfect way to start your day. The breathtaking and stunning views and the serene ambiance are enough reason for one to get up and get moving. From various unspoilt islands and pristine beaches, there are a lot of things to see during your morning jaunt. Additionally, apart from being known as a tranquil coast, it is a heritage site known for its rich history. So, you may have a thing or two to learn during your walk.


2.)  Plitvice Lakes

Individuals with a penchant for exploring the great outdoors will love Croatia. There is no shortage of natural wonders in the country and can spend their trip trying to discover the country’s natural wonders. A prime example of this are the Plitvice Lakes, a national park which is also a UNESCO site–doubling its appeal. One of the ways to experience this natural wonder is to cam out and enjoy the great outdoors. There is quite a lot to see as  Plitvice Lakes has sixteen lakes connected to each other through waterfalls. The lakes has also been known to change colors making the place a vibrant and riveting destination.


3.) Hvar

Quaint, unassuming and small are just some of the characteristics of Hvar. It may not look much in size but it packs quite a diverse scenery for its guests. The Pakleni Islands should not be missed on your visit and is best explored through sailing. However, if you are looking for a different feel and are looking for a naturist beach then best head over to Jerolim which has been ranked as the top naturist beach in the world by CNN. Additionally, wine connoisseurs will have something to enjoy as the place is abundant with wineries.

4.) Varzadin

Individuals who love Vienna will immediately fall in love with this place. In fact, it has been known to be Croatia’s very own little Vienna and is dubbed as the city born out of a history book. The place is still relatively unknown is recognized to be one of the country’s best kept secret. However, there are a lot of exciting attractions such as towering medieval castles, historical museums and even quaint cafes. One notable feature the place has is its cobblestone streets where no cars or four wheeled vehicles are allowed to pass through.


5.)  Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a respite while sipping and sampling some of the country’s best wines and enjoying a marvelous view, Dubrovnik has you covered. Facing the Adriatic Sea, this city is the perfect location for people seeking an impressive coastal view. Apart from the obvious activities such as sunbathing, there is a lot to enjoy such as immersing one’s self in the city’s history, enjoy a different kind of nightlife or go on a gastronomic adventure by tasting some of their food.


6.) Rab Island

Another secret best kept by Croatia, Rab Island offers tourists a unique experience that would certainly make your visit unforgettable. However, its natural beauty and picturesque views have gained momentum with the public and has been increasingly popular over the years making the place more commercial. The beaches are shallow making it safe for families with children to wade in and enjoy the water. Additionally, there are a lot of dining options which foodies can enjoy.

7.) Makarska

Croatia is known for being abundant in intimate seaside communities that one would only need to select from its wide array of selections. However, the most charming among them would probably be Makarska which is best known for the beaches lined by green pinewoods. The place is extremely laidback making it the perfect getaway from the busy city life.

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