Death Valley National Park

The Death Valley National Park is a national park that can be found east of Sierra Nevada within the Great Basin of the United States. The national park is home to several unique attractions together with tourist spots for children and adults.A total of four Native American tribes and cultures have lived within the area within the last 10,000 years. These groups, according to chronological order, are the Nevares Spring people, the Mesquite Flat people, the Saratoga Spring People and the nomadic Timbisha. Most of these people were hunters and gatherers.
Death Valley National Park straddles eastern California and Nevada. It’s known for Titus Canyon, with a ghost town and colorful rocks, and Badwater Basin’s salt flats, North America’s lowest point. Above, Telescope Peak Trail weaves past pine trees. North of the spiky salt mounds known as the Devil’s Golf Course, rattlesnakes live in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.
Area5,262 mi²