Cannabis Found Among the Blooms

photos credit: Vermont Capitol State Police

By Carla Charter

MONTPELIER, VT. –The bright flowers of summer are in bloom in front of the Vermont State House. However on  Monday a visitor noticed more than just the beautiful summer flowers, according to Vermont Capital Police Chief, Matthew Romei.

   “We were notified Monday morning by a visitor to the State House of the possibility of a marijuana plant growing in the flower beds in front of the State House. A Capitol Police Officer checked and found what is either hemp or marijuana – the plants are too young to differentiate. CPD recovered a total of 34 immature plants,” Chief Romei said.

In Vermont it is legal to cultivate Marijuana however it has to be cultivated on private property, and shielded from access and view.  The State House Lawn certainly does not meet those standards, Romei said. The law also states that there can be no more two mature plants and 4 immature plants on the premises.

“We have no thoughts on why someone would plant it, but if anyone wants to claim it and let us know why they planted it, we are happy to listen” Romei said.  The Capitol Police will hold on to the Cannabis for a week or so and then it will be destroyed.

The police chief was surprised when the story became national news.  “This story has grown legs beyond anything I could have expected. This is my first time being quoted on CNN,” Romei said.


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