Older and Looking: Brownie,13 and Jamillette, 14

By Carla Charter


Heard that song “Whatever we  do, wherever we go we’re going gonna go through it together?” We’re Brownie and Jamillette and that is our theme song. We are very bonded and Dakin Humane Society is determined we will always remain that way.


If you have a nice fleece blanket, we are the pair you are looking for to occupy it.  We love to cuddle under the blankets together, have our ears and bellies rubbed, heads patted and be hugged. Bring out a ball though and we are all in for a good game of fetch.


Having a bad day?  Brownie is ready with her toothless grin to cheer you up. She also has some mammary masses, Dakin can fill you in. Jamillette is in good health.

We are here only because our owner was too sick to care for us. Children and other cats are not a good match however we have lived with a bird and a bunny with no problem.

So what are you waiting for? There is no reason to spend Valentine’s day or any other day alone for that matter when you have the opportunity of a life time right here. And if our adorable looks aren’t enough to bring you in, the society  is offering a two for one deal on our adoption fee.  So come visit us already at the Dakin Humane Society,  171 Union Street in Springfield, Ma. More information about my sister and i as well as all the other amazing animals available at Dakin Humane Society can be found at https://www.dakinhumane.org/adopt-a-pet.html#!/




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