Being a Good Single Parent

beach-323453_640Being a Good Single Parent
Being a single can be a challenging experience and one that most parents won’t enjoy. But regardless this, it can also be a time where you can get to show your children how much you love them and how important they are.Below are some tips that can help you be the better and good single parent you’ve always wanted to be.Children tend to do much better when single parenthood is perceived as an option and not a pathological matter. You should start off with a positive attitude and focus your attention on the benefits of single parenthood. These benefits could be less conflicts and tension in the home.Make sure that you establish clear boundaries in your home, leaving no doubt as to whom the head of the house is. Don’t make the mistake of making your children feel and think that they are also equal partners in your house and hence run the show. Having children without limits in your home will lead to trouble in the house.

Most single parents often feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and tasks associated with being a single parent. For this it is very important that you manage your time wisely and effectively. If you feel you need help don’t be afraid to ask. Assign your children different tasks and ensure that everyone is responsible for something in the house, but try as much not to make them miss their hobbies and school activities.Regardless of how loving and competent you are, you also should recognize and bear in mind that you are still the one person doing a job that is meant for two people. Don’t let your children manipulate the situation and make you feel guilty, often at times children can do this especially during conflicts. Remind them that you are a team and for that you have to work together. Give yourself credit as you are sure of not getting any from your kids until they are grownups.Nurturing your home is very important so it gives your children security and stability. Your children need to feel protected, loved and cared for. This is more especially if they are from experiencing a divorce or death. Some may require extra attention.One part in creating security and stability in the home is by getting involved in predictable schedules and routines. Of course this arrangement rigid as your children will have to learn that life is not always predictable. Try to find a healthy balance that will suit everyone.Your children’s well being depends on how you can take care of yourself. There may be times when you feel like you need a break. Try asking other single parents to help you in babysitting or hire someone to babysit. Make sure that you pay attention to exercise, diet, good sleep and stress management.

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