5 Places To Satisfy Your Craving For Adventure in Philippines

At some point in life, everybody has experienced the insatiable craving to go out and venture into unfamiliar territory. It is especially true in these modern times where we are all seemingly stuck in an infinite loop of a work-and-go home cycle. For most people, having a fixed routine every day can be exhausting and mind-numbingly tedious. We all deserve to give ourselves a break every once in a while. So, I’m here to tell you about the various places that I recommend you take the time to visit once you have an opportunity to do so.

Eastwood City

We’re going to start with an oldie but goodie. Eastwood city has long boasted an abundant number of restaurants each with its unique theme and menu. It has a relatively small area but is still jam-packed with a ton of things you can do. Aside from restaurants, it also has a cinema, a mall, and lots of bars and cafes for the beer or coffee enthusiasts. Apart from Eastwood itself, there are also museums and art galleries nearby if you want to get a more culturized feel.

Vertis North

Vertis North is a newly established mall located in Quezon City near two other existing malls: Trinoma and SM North Edsa. Although malls are getting a bit redundant with so many of them being around, Vertis North stands out because of its architectural design. Its beauty lies in its middle walkway, which gives its surroundings a rather gardenlike feel. The vast expanse prevents people from feeling claustrophobic and at the same time letting them feel the cool breeze that blows through every so often. In addition, the modernistic design of the mall interior itself is a nice contrast to the earthy exterior. Not to mention the options available for clothes shopping and restaurants are numerous.

Clearly, a lot of thought has been put into the making of this new mall and would be worth the visit.

Breakout Philippines

Just a short stroll from the previous location is a relatively new branch of Breakout inside SM North Edsa. This ludicrously fun and challenging interactive puzzle game is a unique way to spend your weekend. There are a handful of different scenarios you can take, each very different from the rest. You have the choice to play alone or with friends, as you try to break out of a room using nothing but your wits to solve each puzzle and piece them together to unlock the door and escape. It’s a lot like being a detective with all the problem solving involved. So, for those of you who like a significant intellectual challenge that tickles the brain and your nerves, this place is a sure visit.

Philippine Science Centrum

Located in Marikina City, this science-themed museum is definitely worth the visit. It has a bunch of cool display that explains how different scientific concepts work; everything from biomechanics to geology, and even electro-magnetism. There are also exhibits that feature optical illusions that will test the limits of your ability to perceive your environment. What’s more is that almost all of the exhibits are interactive; meaning you can get a first-hand experience of how these scientific phenomena work. So if you have an interest in science and want to know more, I suggest giving this place a visit.

Book Museum Cum Ethnology

Another museum situated in Marikina, it holds one of the most impressive collections of rare books and artifacts in the country. The owner of the museum, Atty. Dominador Buhain (who is also the current owner of Rex Group of Companies), came upon most of the books through his travels around the world. One such book is a first edition of the fourth Harry Potter series. Another impressive piece is Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as well as a copy of the Doctrina Christiana Explicado. This place is a veritable nirvana for book fanatics and should be on your travel list if you are one.

The five places I mentioned are just a few of the multitudes out there that you can visit to relax and expand your horizons. But these places are a nice balance between simple scenic viewing and strolls, food adventures, learning opportunities, and realistic simulations. I recommend visiting them when you get the chance; you definitely won’t regret it.


Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write. She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.