2016 Paint Color Advice: Serious About Changing Room Color? Lighten Up!

Lighten UpSPRING HOUSE, Pa., Jan. 28, 2016  — If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to repaint some, or all, of your home interior, what are you waiting for?  The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy some fresh new color and style in your surroundings.

What hue should you use to paint your rooms?  If you want to be in step with the trendsetters, then lighten up your interior with some airy tints – the hot new current in interior color.

“Deep, saturated shades have been popular for years, but the palette that’s in vogue right now is just the opposite,” says Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality Institute.  “Interior designers and colorists are favoring lighter hues — including off-whites — that just tease the eye with traces of color.”

Vaguely reminiscent of the “pastels” of yesteryear, the light colors that are gaining popularity today are more sophisticated ensembles, often marrying three or more different hues to create soft color that is often hard to put a name to.  Layering color in this way produces some interesting visual effects.

“Because the new tints are not pure whites, yellows, greens, or whatever, many have a chameleon-like quality, shifting their appearance slightly when the light changes,” says Zimmer.

“During the daytime, a wall color might appear to be pale green, but at night, under artificial light, it may take on a yellow cast.  Likewise, a light bluish tint might gravitate toward pale gray in dimmer light,” she says.

Because the new tints are so changeable under different lighting conditions, Zimmer recommends that you apply some sizable swatches of the paint color to several walls and live with them for a day or two before fully committing to the color.  That way, you can be sure you’ll love your new choice day or night.

According to Zimmer, the trend to tints is part of the ebb and flow that occurs in the paint industry every five years or so, and this stage of the cycle offers some tangible rewards to those who jump on board.

For one thing, repainting walls, ceilings, and woodwork in lighter-colored paint tends to “open up” an area, making any room seem more spacious.

There is also a psychological benefit to a lighter indoor environment.  Brighter surroundings can lift our spirits, no matter what the color.  And soft tints derived from certain color families – green and blue, for example – have a restful quality that can be restorative after a stressful day.

If you’re truly serious about doing some interior painting, there’s no time like the present, says Zimmer.  “Adding some light new paint color is the perfect antidote to winter’s shorter days and gloomier weather.  You’ll be right in step with the latest trend in interior painting, and you’ll find 2016 to be a far brighter new year!”

For more information on paint color, visit the Paint Quality Institute blog at blog.paintquality.com or its website atwww.paintquality.com.

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