11 ways to help prevent getting sick this winter…

  1. Get vaccinated – In most cases the vaccines alone are enough to avoid flu (but it won’t protect you from getting a cold).
  2. Stay warm – Your body is weaker when trying to warm itself up. If it is cold outside wear warm clothes.
  3. Don’t touch your nose or eyes – Most germs are entering your body through these places.
  4. Eat healthy – Healthy food like fruits and vegetables can improve your immune system.
  5. Stop smoking – The smoke from a cigarette irritates your airways and make them more vulnerable to viruses.
  6. Avoid sick people – Or at least don’t let them sneeze or cough on you.
  7. Stay fit – If your body is fit, than your immune system is stronger.
  8. Vitamins – Vitamin C and other vitamins may help your body to fight with cold and flu. Buy tablets or fruits, both are effective ways to get your healthy Vitamin C dose (around 500-1000 mg in the flu season). Also eat raw honey, which also contains different types of vitamins.
  9. Hygiene – Wash your hands as usually as you can, mostly after being in public for longer time.
  10. Zinc – It helps your body to create more white blood cells, which fight viruses.
  11. Stay hydrated – Dehydration weakens your body and makes you more vulnerable to diseases.