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Do you have a book you would like to feature, a website to promote ,poems or just about anything interesting?  TUGTA is happy to publish content of most any nature as long as it is engaging.

Just send me a request on an article, story, interview or just about anything.

If you would like your work featured here including your website or blog, just let me know!  Probably the best exposure of your work will be in the form of an interview.  I will be happy to  send you some questions and we can do a full write-up or your projects or site.

You can also send me a post detailing your work if you would rather not do an interview.  Certainly, if you want to submit a general posts, a project or something interesting, I would be happy to post it or even re-post something from your site.  Just let me know.

If you are interested in writing and would like to become a part of the writing staff and contribute material to this site, you can also please contact me.  Please only submit original material or material that is not published elsewhere. That is what re-blogs are for.

I will do my best to give you the exposure and credit you deserve.  If you have a blog that you would like the TUGTA Nation, you can also send me that information.

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Publish Your Stories and Articles:

Your voice matters to us. While we don’t pay for articles, we can help you be heard through exposure on our website. Your articles will remain on our site for as long as our site is live or you tell us to remove it. In addition, we will happily include your contact information or a link back to your own website or blog.

We are very flexible when it comes to article topics, just as long as they are relevant and a corresponding category on our sites. Writers are encouraged to submit articles based on their own experiences. We are particularly favorable to unconventional articles that detail the unique and lesser known people.places, and things around the world. However, this should be an enjoyable process. Write about your hobbies, interest, and those things you love!!!

Article Submission Guidelines:

To get started send us a one page query telling us about your article idea. Include a basic outline of your piece highlighting the main points and focus of your story. Be sure to let us know about any special credentials such as your experience with subject matter, interviews with the subject, access to special documents…etc.

Re-print articles from previous publications such as newspapers and magazines are accepted just as long as you are the author and all rights belong to you. Be sure to include the source and date of publication with your query.

Send all queries to us via our contact form  . Be sure to  include you name, address, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address with your submission.

Once we receive your query for consideration we will review and respond within two weeks from date of receipt. Publication on our site is at the discretion of All of New England.

Author will retain all rights to their work.

Article Format and Guidelines:

Typical word count per article ranges from 600-1200 words with up to five images depending on article length.

Send text and images in separate file attachments to us via email

We prefer text content be submitted in a .txt format, such as Notepad, however we will accept Microsoft Word and other formats as well.

We will accept images in JPG format just as long as images belong to you or you have permission to use these images.

New England

Seasonally & Regionally Relevant. We are looking for stories, articles, recipes, photographs, etc that are from New England. That means Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. If you are submitting a proposal for our summer issue, submit stories relevant to the season! Also, we like recipes that fit within the season and region – local produce that is currently in season is typically what we look for. If you have questions about the above, feel free to Contact us HERE!

Original Work. We are looking for submissions that are 100% made by you and/ or with writing/ photography partners.

Types of Articles we are looking for:

  • Stories. Personal accounts, childhood memories, nostalgic stories. Anything, really. Non-fiction only.
  • Local Guides. We LOVE hearing about small businesses, unique mom & pop stores, non-chain restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc. Farms and produce stands too! If it’s “local”, we like it! Tell us about your favorites!
  • Adventure Guide. Take us on adventures throughout New England! We love the outdoors and getting in touch with what New England has to offer – take us on your journey!
  • Poetry. Interested in sharing poetry specific to the region? We would love to publish this in our next issue!
  • How To’s. These are fun pieces that we like to pair with local traditions…think how to eat a lobster, talk like a New Englander, etc…get creative!
  • Recipes. We ideally look for recipes that are relevant to the season and our region. Make sure you have a unique recipe to share and we’ll eat it right up (see what we did there?)!
  • Photography. Photography plays a very important role within the pages of All of New England – we look for original work that meshes well with our current style.
  • Art/Illustration. Want to submit some unique artwork for an upcoming issue? Let us know and we can pair you with one of our upcoming articles.
  • Meet the Maker. Do you have a unique trade that you would like to share with fellow New Englanders? Or do you know someone who does? This can be anything from making hard cider to carving axes to making jewelry. We love New England’s makers!
  • Other. At the end of the day, this publication is all about sharing your account of New England! Don’t let us dictate your medium – we are open to any and all submission ideas!

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