Museum of Work & Culture in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

The Museum of Work & Culture is located in Woonsocket that shows the migration of the French Canadians who all came to the town to get some work in the factories. The entire museum can be found in an area that was formerly a textile mill. All its visitors begin their tour right at the farm house of Quebec and would take you to an interesting journey in the day to day like of the Woonsocket residents way back from the 20th century.

It is now operated by the group of the Rhode Island Historical Society. It is a museum that is filled with a total of six walks in the forms of displays, audio presentations that are interactive, movies and photographs that count to hundreds

The Museum of Work and Culture is a museum in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, that features exhibits focusing on the city’s textile manufacturing heritage. Wikipedia
Address: 42 South Main Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895
Phone: (401) 769-9675
Founded: 1997

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